Maya exported fbx with specific material slot order in Unreal

Hi All,

I am trying to export fbx from maya so that the materials assigned to the mesh show up in unreal in a specific order. Maya doesn’t really have a concept of material slot order and so far I could not find a way to wrangle the material order. I’ve seen some threads that refer to adding “skin##” to the material names to force ordering, but was wondering if others have a solution that is name agnostic.

Thanks in advance!


Is there a specific reason that they have to show up in order vs checking name assigned and mat names in engine?

yes. In our case the artists assume that the specific material element will always have a specific material in UE. For example slot one is always brick material, slot two is always metal, slot three is always glass and so on.

I ended up using the “append skin## to material name” method and it seems to work. I was hoping for a more elegant solution.