Maya crash dumps


Hello tech folks,

How does everyone here investigate Maya crash dumps? What options do normal users have? Does Autodesk still supply debug symbols. ( I think they used to do that for Max? )

Recently I started to use WinDbg to open the .dmp file, this will give me at least a way to kind of see what died and when. I think I will probably write something to track how often Maya crashes and what kind of exceptions are being thrown.
On top of that I make use of the OpenMaya script terminal callbacks to direct all of the commands to a log file.
Using that info I will try to reproduce things, access violation in scene a, using rig b and clicking on controller z.

Wondering what kind of techniques other TAs are using here? How do you provide better support for your artists and perform better ‘Crash Scene Investigation’ for Maya in particular. Any experience with sending crash dumps to Autodesk?

Let me know!