Maya Bifrost Node Graph

Autodesk released the Bifrost Board. Its a node graph to create all kind of magic.
Its similar to Softimage ICE or Fabric Engine. The initial release does come with an MPM solver. But the real magic are the smaller nodes for visual programming.

I cant wait to see what TDs can do with it.

The Documentation.

First Tutorial

Tutorials are here.

And here the download. It does also work with Maya 2018

The magic stuff Maxime created is really impressive. He uploaded some custom nodes here.
Take a look at the eye deformer.

Some insides on iterations in a bifrost graph from Jonah.

Some bifrost magic from TKCM

A basic IK solver from Ducan

First tries to convert SOuP to Bifrost

Bruce Lee is doing crazy things with Bifrost.

Iker shared his paint Delta graph.

A great overview from Siggraph.

Thanks for sharing these, @mudoglu! That last video seems inaccessible at the moment.


Autodesk removed it. I have no idea whats going on.

Video is back online.

Some Strand magic.