Lost Animation when loading referenced scene

Maya Bug : failing referenceEdits, animCurves not connecting. Oh god not again!!

I’m wondering if anybody else has had this long standing Maya bug where Maya fails to write the dag path to a node correcting in it’s referenceEdits and therefore animation curves don’t connect when the scene is reloaded?

We’ve had this on a few files in the current project and it looks like Maya is just writing the namespaces incorrectly in it’s referenceEdits. So in this example the actual referenced dagpath to the Head is this:


but Maya is saving the refEdits as this:


stripping off the namespace to the Main_Ctrl and Head_Ctrl in the edits it writes!

Now you just can’t physically have the path that it’s saving. I wrote a few blog post way back in 2011 about this and we still get comments about it so I know we’re not the only ones for whom this bug pops up from time to time.

Anybody else still having this or can shed any light on it. My hunch is that it’s the Maya ASCII format itself, the project itself has probably the most complex set of layered deformation rigs we’ve every done and I think the Ascii format is just fallinig over. That being said the scenes are only referencing in ans storing the anim data so what gives!