Lead Artist, Unity Professional Artistry (Dublin or Montreal)

Unity’s Professional Artistry organization builds tools that empower artists working in film, television, and real-time 3D productions. Our products are built on pace-setting technology from Wētā Digital, Ziva Dynamics, SpeedTree, and Artomatix. Our goal is to bring industry-leading art tools to every creator everywhere. We are redefining the possibilities of real-time content both for creators and for audiences worldwide.

We are looking for a leader to help us build a team that will explore new workflows for a variety of content creation tools. This role includes both artistic virtuosity and technical savvy. Your feedback will be essential to our developers as well democratize industry-leading VFX and rendering tools. Your art will inspire our engineers to achieve even more impressive results. And the team you help to build will provide a key voice in the evolution of the next generation of distributed 3d content production tools.

This job is attached to either Dublin, Ireland or Montreal, QC. It’s an opportunity to set your stamp on a fast-growing part of the business.

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