Hello Rob!

I am currently Project Leader for Tridel Games in our upcoming UT3 game/mod, the name is in the works but we’re thinking of Höllenfeuer


welcome to the forum. :cool:


My name is Jay and I’m going to be contributing where I can in relation to game art, web design, and web programming. Actually, I’ll probably just be doing all the work Rob doesn’t have time to do. I guess thats what ‘us’ students enjoy doing. :wink:

Oi, see you on the forums.

I’m Rick Stirling and as well as being a character artist and rigger, I write scripts to improve our character pipeline at Rockstar North. I work with the code guys quite a bit helping them to implement new character tech.

Hey guys! I’m Antonio Aiello. I’m a friend of someone who knows Rob Galankis, and he recommended I come here to share some things =)

I’m a 3rd year Game Art & Design student at the Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago, and I’m trying to make my way in the industry :wink:

If any of ya get the chance, take a look at my website! …

Take it easy!!

Hello guys. I’m Chris Hatchie, I am also a Game Art & Design student. I am in my 2nd year at the Art Institute of Portland.

Hello guys, my name is Atle Hillmann

I am currently doing animation and some modeling for Tridel Games on the UT3 mod.

I have been working with 3D for almost 2 years. And i focus mostly on character animation.

My reel can be seen om my homepage:

Hey everyone, Forrest Crump here, though some folks know me as Nacire over at polycount and gameartisans. I’ve worked on a few titles over the past 5 years and continue to freelance at the moment.

Hi, been in game dev for about 16 years, as an artist, art director, tech artist, etc. Currently working at a 3D tech dev house in the Boston area.

Hi All! I work as a technical animator at Bioware Austin. It’s cool to see many of my online friends here. I can’t wait to meet new people and share information on this site. I think it’s just what we all needed!

Thanks for putting it together Rob!

I’m Adam Pletcher, Technical Art Director of the tools & tech group at Volition, Inc. I’m looking forward to meeting more of you and sharing ideas/tips.

I have a new-ish TA blog, and plan to mirror some of the content there onto the TAO Wiki soon.

Hi all, I am Borislav Petrov, usually called “Bobo”.
Born in Bulgaria, citizen of Austria and resident of Canada, I am currently employed as Technical Director by Frantic Films VFX, a Prime Focus company, working mainly on movie visual effects and some software development projects like Krakatoa.
My main focus is MAXScript which I do for food, for fun and even for relaxation when I cannot sleep…

This place is a great idea and I cannot wait to see it grow!

Hi I’m Matt Ditton. I’m the senior tech artist on Team Alpha at Pandemic Studios in Brisbane. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
We just need to get an XSI section going. (if only for the techs at Pandemic and Valve :wink: )


Hey all I’m Justin Kovac; currently a lead artist at Frozen Codebase. I have always taken the most interest in the tech artist field and am more than eager to learn a bunch and share anything I may pick up of use!

Heya, I’m Mohammad Hatami and I am hobbyist artist/animator/whatnot. Trying to help out at Team Blur’s project Overdose. Always lurking =).

Hi all, I work for a small animation studio in holland, NMTrix. We mainly do character animation for broadcast. I do rigging, scripting, pipelines and process mocap data. I’m very excited about this place and hope it will be a great spot to hangout and read and learn and contribute and maybe make some friends.

Also from me great job Rob and crew!

Hey folks, nice site here!
I’m Paul Greveson and I’m a Technical Artist at Splash Damage.
Looking forward to learning and sharing new tools, tutorials and ideas :slight_smile:

I am Craig Young and unemployed at the moment.
Not a technical artist per se, more an artist turned programmer. At the moment I am working on a realtime model viewer.

Will browse the site and post questions and help out when possible. I expect to have a few questions when it comes to dealing with shaders.

Hey everybody,

I’m a tech artist at Vicarious Visions in the Albany, NY area. I’ve knocked around
the games/tv production industries since the early 90’s. I’m ScriptChimp &
TechChimp on the Area.

Hey guys!

I’m Jesse Meyer, a 3D artist and I’m picking up shaders aswell, along with C++. Although my major is in CIS (computer info systems) my heart lies within game develoment.

Good too see some big names here. :slight_smile: