Improving the concept of weight with Physics Objects in Unreal

Hi Friends!

I’m having a bit of an issue getting the weight of my objects inside of Unreal to “feel right”. For small props - the mass and “floatiness” of things feels pretty decent, but once they start getting much bigger (to say, the size of a barrel) it still feels lightweight and floaty.

I’m noticing the same issue with doors and sliding physics objects - I can control their movement speed, but not really anything happening with the “drag” that makes them feel heavier.

My expectation would be similar to games like Amnesia where with the heavier objects there’s more drag on the mouse, slowing the movement, etc.

Does anyone have any Blueprint samples, object values, or can point me in the direction of how to improve this? I’m pretty noob to Blueprinting in general, but trying to tackle the weight of these physics objects would go a long way. (I’ve played with Mass, Velocity, the Physical Material, the character’s strength, etc. Still just doesn’t feel heavy)