I am trying to implement photoshop emboss function inside Unreal Engine shader

Currently working for implementing a smart material for props inside unreal engine 4. I am halfway through development. Unfortunately, I am stuck in generating curvature from Normal. There is a way inside photoshop to generate curvature from the normal map that using emboss filter. Even though, I don’t have any idea about how the emboss function working. Can somebody explain to me is there any alternative way to generate curvature from normal inside UE4? I am adding edge details for props, or can I use world space AO for making the edge for adding chip-off details?

Hey there,
You can look at how an emboss filter is coded here

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Thanks man, i did forget to check shader toy :grimacing:

A general purpose kernel sampler is a good tool to have in your toolbelt, it’s pretty simple though doing it in a graph based shader is kind of a pain in the ass.

This is a better visual explanation: