How to make Vertex scaling on 2 axis via WPO and follow Mesh rotation.UE5

I’ve made vertices scale along 2 axis but the issue is that it breaks when i rotate it. It doesnt follow the Mesh’s orientation any ideas on how I can make the WPO work with rotation? I tried the transform node but its not giving me any luck with it. Here is the video of the issue: Window 28-06-2024 12-13-14.mp4 - Google Drive

Processing: Window 28-06-2024 12-13-14.mp4…

Think if you apply scaling etc in local space, then transform it back to world. And subtract the worldpos to get the offset should do it.

Testing this out I can set scale and rotate. However Z value seem to be inverted or something. Maybe someone else can help point out if this is wrong way of doing it