How to create tabs in pyside2, Maya?



I am trying to create a tab system UI in maya, using pyside2, but I am having some trouble.
I have already tried a alot of different ways, but still no results.

Can someone let me know how to create one? Just a super small example.

Thank you all! Cheers


Here is a simple example

from PySide2.QtCore import *
from PySide2.QtWidgets import *
from PySide2.QtGui import *
from shiboken2 import wrapInstance

from maya import OpenMayaUI as omui

def getMayaWindow():
    mayaMainWindowPtr = omui.MQtUtil.mainWindow()
    mayaMainWindow = wrapInstance(long(mayaMainWindowPtr), QWidget)

    return mayaMainWindow

class TabExample(QMainWindow):

    def __init__(self, parent = None):
        super(TabExample, self).__init__(parent)

        self.setWindowTitle("Tab Widget")

        tab = QTabWidget()
        button = QPushButton("Tab One!")
        textEdit = QTextEdit()
        textEdit.setPlaceholderText("Tab Two!!")

        tab.addTab(button, "Tab One")
        tab.addTab(textEdit, "Tab Two")


tabWindow = TabExample(parent=getMayaWindow())


Thank you so much man!
You saved my life :smiley:

Truly appreciate!