How to combine a ribbon system with IKFK Switch for limbs

Hello! I have made a IKFK switch on the arms and legs of my rig. I have a question about have to put a ribbon system with the IKFK. Because the IKFK joints are parent constraint with the base joint. Processing: Screen Shot 2023-06-13 at 1.23.26 PM.png…

Uhm. Not entirely sure what’s your set-up but it shouldn’t conflict since the you are not creating a separate ribbon joints for FK and IK.

So it would be something like.

IK Joints
FK Joints
Intermediary Joints (i.e. could be the Ribbon Joints) Parent Constraint to the IK/FK Joint for the switch.
Bind Joints (Constrainted to the Intermediary).

You could remove the intermediary but I usually just make them so that my bind joints are not dependent to the actual joints used for rigging.