[Hobby/RevShare] Looking for Tech Artist - Remote

[Hobby/RevShare] Looking for Tech Artist - Remote

Hello! My name is John Greska, co-founder of Trashfire Games. Trashfire is a company dedicated to helping college students or adults looking to switch careers in getting that first “Released Game” that so many job applications help for. Due to our team consisting of mostly full time students or full time workers, this is a game that takes a relaxed pace, respecting everyone’s real life time commitments. Sort of like whatever could be considered less than part-time. The idea is a quality project.

The project is An Eternity Gone By, a short hack-n-slash rogue-lite, has been in development since January. The hacking and slashing revolves around being able to manipulate everything around you through various spells. The project itself is not meant to be huge, it is something to add to everyone’s portfolio upon completion so we can all say we have a published game on Steam. Beginners and those looking to gain more general experience are encouraged to apply.

Here is our GDD for more in-depth info about the project.

The project will be Rev-Share. Trashfire is legally an LLC, and we do this by the book: contracts(drawn up by Voyer Law) deciding percentage and W-9s (or W-8’s if you’re outside of the US) for tax season.

Wanted: Tech artist that is either familiar with or excited to practice animation trees, shader compositing, C# programming. Anything where the visuals meet code in a pipeline between blender/maya and unity really. Project is 3D. One particular area of importance is the implementation of creature and character animations through both the Unity animation system and C# programming.

If this feels like something you’d be interested in doing, we’d love to have you. All levels of experience welcome, we love members who are practicing, trying things out, etc. Bettering yourself for your future career!

Contact if you’re interested:
[email protected]