Hey new folks - help us out!



Every year’s GDC brings us a raft of new members here and on our slack channel. It would be great if new people chimed in with suggestions or questions to help us make the site(s) as welcoming and useful as possible. Please reply to this thread with anything you think we should do to make things better for new users and TA’s who are newer to the field.


Would it be an idea to have a stickied “Show your work” type thread? I think it’s a lot easier to build up a recognisable profile or reputation within the community if you can show what you’re good at.


A resources section with links to learning portals E.g. Learn Python The Hard Way. Also a way to categorize solved solutions - E.g. search for ‘follicle’ and it returns a list of question with solutions on the subject. A best practises for intermediate/junior artists getting into pipeline development i.e. setting up code collaboration, unit testing - reasons why etc.


Would a “Getting started” area inside #professional be a good addition?


Felt very bad I couldn’t attend the second Roundtable, would be nice if there was some kind of internal discussion or resume of what you guys talked about.


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