Graphics Programmer - Geometry

Polygonflow is looking for an experienced Graphics Programmer with deep knowledge of geometry processing and rendering algorithms. As a Graphics Programmer, you will be working with a small team on a custom mesh processing library to create best-in-class 3D Modeling features, blazing-fast algorithms and integrating it all in various DCC softwares and Game Engines.

What You’ll do

  • Create ground-breaking mesh manipulation tools (Booleans, Extrusions, UV Mapping, Retopology algorithms, etc…)
  • Create runtime procedurally-generated geometry
  • Work with Technical Artists/Tools Programmers to assist them with their Graphics Programming tasks
  • You will be conducting various R&D projects that aim to push the boundaries of 3D modeling
  • Design Tools from the ground up based on extensive users and studios feedback
  • Demonstrate your tools internally and externally

Who you are

  • You have 2+ years of experience working as a Graphics Programmer
  • You have created/worked with a geometry processing API
  • You have a solid understanding of modern asset creation pipelines
  • You’ve created your own and implemented external geometry processing libraries/algorithms
  • Python & C++ hold no secrets for you
  • You have experience working with multithreaded geometry algorithms
  • You have a solid foundation in mathematics
  • You have a solid understanding of CPU/GPU optimization
  • Your portfolio/demo reel showcases the points mentionned above

Knowledge (Optional)

  • You have experience working with DCCs and game engines (Unreal Engine, 3DS Max, Blender)
  • You have experience working with PySide/Qt
  • Your portfolio showcases a solid art foundation

If this sounds like a dream job to you, please send your application right here:

This position is available as an on-site or remote opportunity.

Applications without portfolios/demo reels/Github Repositories will be ignored.

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