Getting a value from certain frame in Maya,


Hello there.

I am having difficulty trying to get value from attribute from certain frame. For example, I want to always get value from object.tx at frame 1.

I tried to use frameCache node, but it query attribute relative to the current frame and you have to set the relative value when you make the connection between nodes. Once I move through my time line, I will get value from unwanted frame.

I googled and stumbled upon ‘LagNode’, a very old maya plug in. From the description, this is exactly what I need. I planned to download the plugin and decipher to concept behind it, but the download is already expired.

Any advice here? Just a concept would be very appreciated.




Can you use a simple getAttr as an expression?
getAttr -time 1 “object.tx”;


Ah, yes that could solve the problem. However we are strongly against expression in our setup. Any idea how to replicate that using utility nodes?