FX for game rigs

I need information about use of FX systems in game rigs. Should FX (like nCloth, collisions) be used in proper situations or would it be better to find an another way to solve the problem? Because exporting FX to game engines could be hard. I’ve learned that ABC exporting can export FX animations, but is this a preferred way?

Not sure what proper situations are but the majority of games I’ve worked on we have strived to use runtime solutions for all physics related problems.
You won’t likely get the same visual quality as a pre-baked solve but it allows for a much much faster iteration loop allowing changes to be made with ease as there is no significant dependency on re-solving if anything changes.

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Situations like; rigging a chain, a cape, swinging objects etc. That was helpful, thanks for answer.

Glad to help - I also forgot to mention that it means if your animation is modified at runtime, then the runtime physics will solve perfectly where as anything pre-baked will have visible pops or look weird.