Critique/feedback for my portfolio reel


Hey everyone,

If you’ve got the time, I would really appreciate some critique on my reel

Portfolio Reel


Smooth out the camera movements when showing 3d scenes. Also, I don’t know how hiring studios/manager react when using licensed content without obvious permission. I’m not saying using the Harry Potter stuff was illegal, it’s just that you didn’t put a company credit or anything.

Also, I clicked on the website link and looked at your resume and you have the VR Chess project timeline as “November 2017 to (projected) July 2017” - I’m guessing that last date is a typo and should be 2019.


All the Harry Potter-related work is from a fan game that I made, I’ll make a text box that indicates that. Also definitely will smooth the camera movement in the next iteration. My resume(and website) I need to completely redo still!

I’ll update once I fix up these things, thank you!

Side note: I used the fan game project as a way to learn the whole game asset pipeline (models, textures, rigs, animation, vfx, etc), so that kind of served as my games “education”. I did small programming and 3d model projects before that but nothing I can show off. Is it bad that most of my reel is from my fan game?


Update: I reshot stable versions of the shaky video clips, cleaned up some of the timing on other parts, and fixed the text overlays. Portfolio Reel iteration 2

Thanks for the suggestions, they helped a lot! Additional critique/feedback is welcome! (Still working on updating my website/resume)