Cheap soft particles for mobile


Hi all,

was wondering if anyone could point me to resources to create a standard emissive shader that somehow is able to support cheap soft particles?

I’m trying to get embers to swirl around a mesh and I want them to come in and out of it freely without any clipping. At the moment, the smaller embers can cheat their way in and out cause they’re so small but the bigger ones will pop in and out.

I know unity supports this in their standard shader out of the box with an option that’s literally called “soft particles”, but I’m wondering if there’s any other way I could cheat the particle to feather so I can get the same look but way cheaper so it can support hundreds of ember/magic particles and still run fine on mobile.

Any help is appreciated!!

Thanks :smiley:


If u are using legacy renderer:
Particle Standard Surface.shader
would have what u are looking for