Character Rigging Reel Feedback

Hello! I’m fairly new to character rigging (I’ve been self-studying for a few months now) and I’m looking for some guidance for what I should focus on to have a reel geared for game studios. I’m currently learning how to work with the shape editor and making some tools in Maya. Feedback is welcome whether it be for the content or presentation. Below is a link to my website, please let me know what you think! Thanks!

Hi there!
Nice looking reel and clean presentation. Also good choice of music that is not distracting.
A few general pointer from the top of my head:

  • Always start with your strongest work. If the Houdini rig is what do you like to showcase I love to have seen an animation or proper showdown of controllers.
  • Try to be descriptive in what type of set up your showcasing. You don’t need to be a lot of text but a simple description to see what you are showing helps a lot. When I’m looking at ringing real’s I’m looking at how you solving problems.
  • It’s very important to see the rigs in action. Try to get some animation buddies and ask them to try out your rig and if possible do a quick animation for you that you both can showcase. That way you would also get really valuable feedback on what to improve. Things like the last face-setup is screaming for some kinda test anim :blush:

Keep up the good work!