Bind Skin to Object Being Deformed by Proximity Wrap

I have a character’s scarf attached to his shirt using proximity wrap and it results in exquisite deformation along the side of the neck; however, I’d like to add some additional control for animators by rigging a part of it with joints.

  1. Applying a skin cluster before/after the proximity wrap is not giving accurate results (it is either ignored or applies double/weird transformations)
  2. Trying to blend them together via a blendshape results in undesirable effects when rotating regardless of deformation order
  3. If I attempt to blend the vertex memberships between skinCluster and proximityWrap, the model’s normals get messed up and the mesh looks black when looking at it from many directions.

Is there an official way to use these deformers together, or am I attempting to use these in a way that they weren’t intended? How would you guys tackle this task?

Unfortunately you are correct in your thinking that these deformers are not intended to be used this way. They both assume they are calculating an absolute transformation, not a relative one, which is the reason for the weird double translation. My suggestion would be to try to use riveted joints, that way you can give animators some extra control, whilst avoiding double transformations.

Thank you for your reply. :grin: I’ll do as much as I can with joints, skinning and corrective blendshapes.