Attach two mesh using c# API of 3dsmax

Hi all,
I have to attach two mesh and to do it I have to use the .Net API.
Every time I need to find something in the c# API I’m completely lost.
Can I have some help?

You’ll probably need to read the C++ SDK docs, as the .NET (and Python) SDKs are wrappers around the C++ SDK. As such the reference documentation specifically for .NET (and Python) is somewhat lacking.

I’ve never used the .NET SDK at that level.

yeah , I will struggle a lot I suppose.
If you have a sample in c++ , it will be a good starting point , as in max most of the time I write plugin and utilities only using python.
Thanks anyway

Checkout the ADN-DevTech github, there are several C# examples for 3ds Max plugin development.

This one is probably the closest to working with meshes, there’s also a python version in case that helps.

The c# wrapper, much like the python MaxPlus wrapper, is somewhat incomplete.
I am interested to see if it is possible to implement this with c#

yeah I’m contributing to the MaxBabylonExporter project, and has been written in C#.

I do not have choice this time, I could eventually evaluate a maxscript call but they will never accept the pull request
I’ll try to do it in c#
I wrote an article on 3dsmax tool development on my web site
It is just my opinions of course but it is interesting for me to share with other max developer