Arnold nodes for rigging?


I was going through some of the Arnold rendering nodes in maya and saw there were a lot of math nodes including a trigonometry node. I thought this could be pretty useful but can’t get it to output anything to a transform. Same goes for every Arnold math node.

My hope was I could maybe use these the same way some of Maya’s native rendering nodes can be used for rigging. Blend colours and condition nodes for example.

So I was wondering if this is even an option? Or there’s some trick to output Arnold nodes to a transform? I have no idea how efficient these nodes could be in a rig but i’m pretty curious.


My only concern would be that you are restricted to an Arnold only pipeline with your rigs. Anyone who doesn’t have Arnold installed it will most likely corrupt the rig and the nodes that are calculating the “math” in the background will all not evaluate correctly. I haven’t tried or tested this, so I’m purely just going off a whim here.


Agreed, it’s limited and puts too many restrictions on a pipeline to be Arnold only just for the sake of a couple nodes for rigging. I’m still pretty curious if it’s possible just for personal work or maybe some R&D.


have you seen the openSource maya math nodes…?