Approximating Game Shaders in Maya

Currently our animators’ Maya assets have Phong Shaders, and do no look like the game engine much. We’d like to get closer to that.

Our game uses typical PBR textures - albedo, specular, smoothness, normal, ambient occlusion, subsurfacescatter.
I’m wondering what the best method to repro this in Maya is.
I’d prefer a solution that ‘plays nice’ with scripting and looks close enough
Than one that is exact but tedious/frustrating to work with

Things I have used so far:
Stingray PBR shader nodes (easy to script , close enough)
DX11 shaders (looks more exact but tedious and frustrating to deal with)

I’ve been told that Arnold supports PBR shading too, but I have messed with it.

What have you used to approximate game shaders in Maya?

The StingrayPBR shader is (like it it sounds) a pretty vanilla PBR implementation. You can hook it up with the ShaderFX node-based shading system (and there’s code for manipulating that system here)

These parts are easy… the trickier bit will be providing lighting and a reflection environment that is a good proxy for your game, In past years the the Maya stingray implementation had bad fallback reflection cube which made things look too shiny – if you run into that you can save it by providing a good GGX-filtered cubemap in the same value range as your game lighting