Am new to. Maya i cant find the fk ik switch tab

Its starting to. Make me think if its a bug or something, or i haven’t activated the menu tab

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Your question is a bit unclear…could you try and be more specific? Maya does not have a built-in IK/FK switch tab, that’s generally a tool that’s built separately for a specific rig. What rig are you using? Does it come with scripts that need to be installed?

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Sometimes when i click a point hands or leg d option for fk on or 1 shows up n when animation starts it doesn’t show up any more.

Am using maya 2024

What rig are you using? Could you share a screenshot?

It depends on the Rig you are using, not Maya itself.

It sounds like you are using a specific rig that has IK/FK switching built into it, and talking about a custom channel box attribute. Here is what an IKFK blend attribute looks like in the channel box for the Left Arm IKFK control of one of our rigs:

IK/FK switching is not an out of the box , global Maya node feature, but something character riggers build into the control rig of a character. IKFK Blend/switch attributes are added to a specific control objects, and most control objects do not have it. You must have that control object node selected for any custom attributes - like IKFK Blend - to show up in the channel box.

So I am guessing you simply do not have a control object with a
custom IKFK switch attribute properly selected.

Custom attributes usually live on transform nodes. Often Maya gets in a state where a selection in the viewport give you the Shape node instead. Usually for me it’s the Display layer set to “R”.

So be sure your display layer for the object is not set to “R” mode.

Of course that’s a lot of assumptions based on your poorly worded post. If you take the time to more carefully type your questions, provide images etc you are more likely to get answers that help you. I often find that taking time to properly phrase my questions will actually reveal the answer I need. It is a useful exercise.

It occurs to me that as you are new to Maya you may not realize how to view the channel box in the first place. The channel box is the “tab” where an IKFK switch will typically be accessed (assuming your selection is correct). It’s in the upper right corner.