Add your feed to the tech art aggregator feed!


Please see this thread for more info:

If you want your blog to be part of the aggregator feed, please post here WITH AN RSS/ATOM link. Do NOT just give your blog link, please link directly to a feed (feedburner people: use something like this:

If you want your twitter username to be part of the feed, just post here with your username.

If you’d like to be an editor- which means you have a few minutes of day to browse through all content and choose what’s ‘published’ to the blog- please PM me.



How come so many posts to this: (Post your blog link!) and none for this thread? I want to get the blog word out.


There’s just so much to follow these days, twitter, newsfeeds, forums, mail, facebook etc etc. I sometimes feel a bit overloaded with information, so I read this post, thinking I’ll post later… and… I forget when moving to the next “new news”. Looks like the more information we can get our hands on the less easy it is to filter out and act on good posts.

But here’s mine:

Keep it up! :slight_smile:


P.s. I’m an apt reader of your blog btw, good stuff there!


Here’s mine:

And my twitter is: NathanHorneTD


tonight, I will go through that post, grab all the blogs, and look for RSS feeds. I think there was a dude who made a google groups, so i might be able to grab the rrs feeds from there.


Yeah, I tried but didn’t see any easy way to grab all the feeds easily from that reader bundle. I started going through manually but lost patience. If you could that’d be awesome (or even if you just take a portion, I can finish it up). Thanks Shawn.


I use and they have an auto feed finder if you put in a url, so it shouldn’t take long.


heres mine :slight_smile:

btw any blogspot blogs, just add “/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss” to the end off the address for the feed :slight_smile:


Mine @ is: or


I believe I got everyone’s feed from the other post, sorry if I missed you, it wasn’t personal.


here’s everything from that bundle: (Circular references are fun!)


You guys are da bomb!

I needed to add about 6 new datetime parsing format strings to support all the new feeds, and now there’s a parsing crash somewhere else, but it’s getting there!


[QUOTE=UncCheezy;11083]I believe I got everyone’s feed from the other post, sorry if I missed you, it wasn’t personal.[/QUOTE]

Great work i must say really good efforts putted by you.


Thanks for the work, guys. All of these feeds are now part of the TAOggregator. I’m closing this thread, if you want to add your link to the TAOggregator, PM me or just post a link here: