VFX Tech Artist Opportunity on FarCry, Ubisoft (Montreal Area)

I am seeking a VFX Tech Artist to join my chapter of Tech Artists and work on the AAA game of FarCry.

Tech Art is gaining notiriaty from the FarCry brand of being an integral part of game production. With that, you would be the epicenter of art direction and technical development.

Working with a Tech Art chapter within the brand of 35 people and growing, you would have surrounding support from all team members.

Key Responsibilities:
• Develop and maintain efficient VFX pipelines, tools, and workflows to streamline the creation and
integration of VFX assets into the game engine.
• Optimize VFX assets and effects for performance on various platforms (PC, console, mobile)
while ensuring visual fidelity and consistency across different hardware configurations.
• Troubleshoot technical issues related to VFX implementation and performance, and work with the
engineering team to develop solutions and optimizations.
• Stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, tools, and techniques related to VFX and real-time
rendering, and share knowledge and best practices with the team.
• Provide feedback and guidance to artists and designers on VFX creation, optimization, and
integration, and help maintain a high standard of quality throughout the development process.

What is needed:
• Proficiency in industry-standard VFX software such as Houdini, Maya, 3ds Max, or Blender.
• Strong understanding of real-time rendering techniques, shaders, and particle systems.
• Experience with game engines such as Unity or Unreal Engine, including scripting and shader
programming (e.g., HLSL, Cg, or Shader Graph).
• Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in a
multidisciplinary team environment.
• Passion for video games and a desire to create immersive and engaging player experiences.

If you are interested, feel free to reach out on Linkedin. Nicole Brech - Associate Producer Core Tech - Ubisoft | LinkedIn

Thank you,
Nicole Brech, Associate Producer