Vertex animation tool equivalent for Maya

Epic has provided a vertex animation tool for Max, and I was wondering if anyone has authored a Maya version that is open source. Want to make sure one does not exist before I embark on writing my own. Considering making mine open source if I end up writing one.


I will take this silence as a no. Time to write my own :sweat_smile:

I read through that, and was confused about what you actually wanted.
Are you looking for that specific underlying algorithm where the animation is stored as textures?
Or are you just looking for an interface that makes it easy to deal with animating and authoring shapes over time?

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Sounds like its more of a Bake Vertex Animation to Texture tool
I was thinking it was point cache stuff like alembic, from the title

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There is a concept of baking any kind of animation that drives vertex position/normal to a texture for real-time performance optimization. Epic provided the script to do this operation for 3dmax which is great. But teams that use Maya seem to author their own version that does the same. But every new studio ends up writing their own and keeps it under lock and key for obvious reasons. So I will write an open source version for Maya so everyone can have it and improve upon it. Hope that sheds more light on the question.

30 seconds of searching on Google got me two projects, I’ve not used either (we use Houdini to bake out vertex animation textures) but it’s worth searching around more than you have. But always a good learning project to convert Epics Max tool.


I googled plenty and did not encounter those projects for some reason. This is a place where people come for support and I find it better to be welcoming and supportive, rather than to make assumptions and snide remarks. That said, those projects do look promising, so thank you for bringing them to my attention.



Please don’t mistake brevity for rudeness, that wasn’t the intent. :+1:

All I am trying to convey is that a broader search might be worthwhile and that I didn’t spend long looking into either of those projects linked … ie I can’t comment on them being maintained / good code / worth investigating etc.

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Seems that I have misread your intent. I’ve spent some time searching and consulting friends in the industry. Came here as my last resort. The last thing I want to do is write this tool, especially if it already exists. Besides the tools worthiness, another thing I need to consider is the licensing for our production. Anyway, I am currently evaluating my options. Will report back if I end up finding a good solution that others may be interested in.