Unreal Engine render job


I am creating render jobs in the movie render queue. Jobs are created, but the sequence is not recognized.

When I add sequence manually it is working. Here is the code.

    sequence_name = 'RND_PRESET_1SA_GAB'
    sequence_path = f'/Game/{asset_name}/{sequence_name}'

    render_queue = unreal.get_editor_subsystem(unreal.MoviePipelineQueueSubsystem).get_queue()
    render_job = render_queue.allocate_new_job(unreal.MoviePipelineExecutorJob)
    render_job.sequence = unreal.SoftObjectPath(sequence_path)
    render_job.map = unreal.SoftObjectPath('/Game/Main')
    render_job.job_name = sequence_name

The sequence_path is a string relative path to the existing sequencer object ("/Game/UDM/RND_PRESET_1SA_GAB") What I am missing?