Unreal Engine Python [Visual Studio Code Extension]


Lately I’ve been working on an extension for VS Code to assist when writing Python scripts for Unreal Engine.

The extension is available at (or through the extensions tab in VS Code):


Execute Code:

Run code in Unreal Engine directly from within the editor.


Code Completion:

Run the command Unreal Python: Setup code completion and it’ll automatically setup code completion for Unreal Engine based on the currently opened UE instance.


Attach VS Code to Unreal Engine to debug your scripts, set breakpoints and step through the code.



Browse the Unreal Engine Python documentation inside VS Code. This documentation is generated on the fly based on the currently opened Unreal Engine instance, therefore it will always be up to date & include any custom C++ functions/classes that you have exposed to Blueprint/Python.


And if anyone’s interested, the source code for the extension can be found at:


This is great. awsome work , thanks for this

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Thank you for building and sharing this wonderful tool! I’m going to give it a shot

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