Unreal 5 roundup thread

The reveal trailer

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Seriously intrigued to figure out “how did you do that!?” (Geometry images + wizards == triangles for everyone!?)

Not looking forward to arguments with artists about how triangles are free now. (okay that’s a lie I’m totally looking forward to crushing a few dreams)

Mostly I feel it will be interesting to see what new constraints a system like that imposes, and if those constraints breed a new form of artistic creativity.

So basically I’m interested in what nanite can do, but I think way more interested to find out what it cant’t do.


What it can’t do : likely anything that wasn’t shown in the marketing video.

There were some notable absences from the first unveiling - animated geometry and multiple light-sources.

Impressive stuff, but It does highlight the future challenges we will all likely face with storage space and available RAM. I’d guess part of the Nanite tech will try to address costs. Time will ultimately tell what is practical.

Yep. Nanite seems to be ok for environments, but i would like to see how skinclusters , deformers would react. Evalutate one time static objects ok, but what about animated?

There were some examples in the tech demo that appeared to be using these mesh assets with physics and/or simple movers. So if I were to guess at the moment is purely limited to StaticMeshComponents and the variants thereof.

If this is based on geometry images, in theory for skinned meshes they could create multiple images each storing different vertex properties to encode the joint influences. But that probably starts rapidly killing any kind of space saving benefits as the number of joints/influences grows.

Some more Unreal 5 tech.

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Some more info about Nanite.


I’m really curious to hear people’s feedback on Lumen – my impression so far is that it’s pretty sweet, but it shares the same limitations as most other realtime GI solutions around resolution and light bleeds.

More about Lumen.