UK Maya Rigging and IK

We are looking for a technical artist/programmer with strong Maya rigging skills and an understanding of IK/FK for a freelance/contract position. (we have a feeling that as we get further into this project, there will be workflow, plugin development, along with other possibilities we would like to explore in Unity & Unreal)

The first stage of this project is to model and rig our current physical motion control rigs in Maya, creating transportable models for our customers to create animations on and export as .fbx files for inclusion to our workflow.

Desired Skills:

Maya Rigging

Importing of STEP files & conversion to Maya appropriate light weight

Understanding of IK/FK principles, and ability to solve IK

Interest and/or knowledge of 6 Axis robotics IK

Previous experience working with solves for real time machines (motion platforms, robotics, camera heads)

We are predominantly and R&D lead business, working with motion and robotics in entertainment if you’re interested and would like to know more, please get in touch for a chat.

Happy for this to be a remote or local person. Our offices are in Oxfordshire UK.

For more info email:

[email protected]

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