UE5 - Monitor Content Directory working in conjunction with Interchange?

I’m trying to automate the importing of FBX assets in UE5.

I’ve been looking into the UE Interchange which looks like it’s perfect for the job; I can create custom import pipeline configurations with Interchange, then whenever I manually import assets (i.e. drag/dropping from Explorer into the Content Browser, or right-click “Import to …”), Interchange intercepts it automatically and imports the asset without the FBX Import Options dialog or any other prompting, using the import settings I’ve defined in the pipeline. Which is near perfect… so far.

I therefore assumed that if I then turned on Monitor Content Directory in the Editor Prefs (and configured it correctly), this would trigger the same Interchange import event response, and I’d have an automatic mechanism for complete asset import/setup as soon as an fbx is created (essentially without any coding).
But no. Even with Interchange enabled, the directory monitoring detects the new fbx fine, but then brings up the regular old “FBX Import Options” dialog and sits there waiting for user input.

Anyone got any ideas or experience of whether these two systems can work together?