[Tutorial] Compute Shaders in Unity articles series

Hello everyone! I wanted to let you know about my blog series, where I explore the world of working with Compute Shaders in Unity
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First two articles available at:

Current articles:
GPU Computing, First Compute Shader
Shader Core Elements, First Compute Shader reviewed

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Good day, everyone!
I am delighted to present the third instalment of the blog series on Compute Shaders in Unity. In this article, we will explore the usage of multiple kernels, compute buffers and the data flow between the CPU and GPU.


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The fourth article from Compute Shaders in Unity blog series is here:


This time it’s about processing transforms with the power of GPU.

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Hello everyone!
The new article from Compute Shaders in Unity blog series is here:

This time its about Boids simulation on GPU, Shared Memory usage and much more!

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