Trouble Integrating Biped Rig

Can’t Make FK, IK , control objects, and set driven keys work together in a rig.
My skeleton is having trouble getting back to bind pose, I haven’t even created IK yet…
boy do I need help.

Hey there
Haven’t done any rigging for a while so I don’t know if this is still the correct way to do that but you can try this.

Given the hierarchy screenshot you uploaded on another topic, I’d say you need some root transforms before your joints.

Basically, add some groups before each joint:

| root_01_grp
  |- offset_01_grp
     |- joint_01

When creating the skeleton, apply the transforms on the root group so that the joint and offset grp have their transforms at 0.
If you need to add constraints add them to the offset grp.
This will ensure that you can easily modify your transformations and constraints while keeping the joints as they are.

I like that idea. I’m a big fan of group nodes. This sounds promising, but won’t that add a lot of extra
baggage to the scene ? Thats a lot of group nodes. Could I eliminate some of those group nodes
by using the Transform Offset Parent Matrix method ?