Technical Artist - Uber Entertainment

The Technical Artist plays a key role driving the visual development of the game by helping other artists, as well as all other stakeholders, understand the full breadth of available graphics technologies, and by taking direct part in the creation of new assets to fully exploit those technologies. Implicit in this, the Technical Artist must be able to:

  • Be intimately familiar with the PBR
  • Create high quality shaders and materials for use in a Unity 3D project
  • Recommend and execute both aesthetic and technical modifications to lighting, atmosphere, materials, shaders, cameras, or other settings to achieve a beautiful result
  • Be aware of new graphics techniques and eagerly pursue major improvements to the overall graphical quality of the project
  • Serve as a liaison between artists and engineers to ensure the art team has full access to and understanding of all available procedures, tools, and technologies
  • Contribute to advancing pipeline processes, standards, and tools for current and future projects
  • Troubleshoot and resolve graphics-related technical issues including lighting problems, graphics artifacts, z-fighting, and other visual glitches


  • Thorough understanding of current capabilities of Unity 3D
  • Strong aesthetic instincts and desire to relentlessly improve the appearance of a game until it ships
  • Proven track record of guiding other projects to a high level of visual quality
  • Excellent communication skills – you should be able to clearly articulate your design decisions and work effectively with designers, artists, engineers, testers, and others.

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