Technical Artist / Technical Director / Pipeline Developer - France

Founded in 2016, Hubstairs has the ambition to democratize and to give the opportunity to access interior design for all.

Today, Hubstairs is connecting user’s homes & tastes with retailer’s database by using 3 ways:

  • 3D modelling: Hubstairs models retailers catalog in high quality.
  • Inspirations: Hubstairs creates retailer’s inspirations
  • Home design service: Hubstairs helps the retailer’s customers to plan their future interior

The objectives are to improve the conversion rate, gather unique extensive data and upgrade the client experience by our immersive AI designer platform (community of over 300 designers) to transform visitors into active users.

With our home design solution, our designers propose personalized design tips and shopping lists of products that matches users tastes, projects, budget and existing products.

Our developments are to push immersive products in user’s interior and give them the opportunity to customize instantaneous the designers proposals with their tastes.

Our partnerships: Conforama,, Veepee, BNPP, …

Roles and Responsibilities

You will be a major player in the development and maintenance of our cloud based 3D content production pipeline.

Your perimeter of actions will be rich and diversified. You will interact, along with the other members of the 3D team, on various themes :

  • 3D modeling, UV mapping
  • surfacing, lighting, rendering
  • set dressing
  • quality check
  • asset management, tasks automation

Passionate and curious, you have a good knowledge of the different 3D production workflows and processes, you will participate in the industrialization of the existing techniques and will establish new ways of working.

You have an artistic sensitivity and also an analytical mind, allowing you to understand the needs of the CG artists, while building elegant and robust technical solutions.

You day-to-day work will make you combine :

  • developing of tools, scripts and interfaces
  • pipeline design, writing of documentation and associated methodologies
  • assisting the production teams and helping out on the managing change


Required skills for an asset-workflow oriented profile

  • Experience with 3ds Max (as a DCC and its MAXScript API)
  • Experience on 3D modeling workflow (real-time / offline renderer)
  • Experience on PBR shading/lighting workflow
  • Proficient with python scripting language
  • Knowledge of Substance Designer
  • Knowledge of V-Ray / Corona

Required skills for a pipeline oriented profile

  • Relevant Experience with a 3D tool and its API
  • Proficient with python scripting language
  • Relevant experience on content creation pipeline (asset management, automation platform, shotgun, render farm, …)

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with Blender and its API
  • Experience with Unity Development Platform
  • Experience with Houdini
  • Knowledge of photogrammetry / scanning techniques
  • Experience with web/AR oriented 3D formats (glTF, USDZ)
  • Knowledge of cloud based pipeline solutions


Paris (75010) or Bordeaux

Based on profile and experience, freelancing or remote work could be considered.

Interested ? Want to apply ?

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