Technical Art: Animation - Ubisoft UK (Leamington Spa or Newcastle Upon Tyne)

The title says Lead but we are always open to talk to strong seniors that can bring value to our studios.



  • Work with animators, engineers and artists to define, create, maintain, and streamline the animation/asset pipeline

  • Create and maintain tools to improve and support the animation pipeline

  • Participate in R&D into current and emerging animation technologies

  • Create and maintain clear documentation on tools, methods, training, processes, and engine constraints for future reference and consultation

  • Mentor others on the finer points of Technical side of Animation

  • Experience in game development, and on projects with character animation

  • Basic knowledge with body and face rigs and tools creation

  • Excellent and detail-oriented problem solving ability

  • In-depth understanding of game engines and state machines

  • Knowledgeable in procedural runtime animation solutions such as IK / Ragdoll / Retargeting

  • Self-motivated, and a great team-player.

  • A thorough knowledge of established game engine technologies

  • Knowledgeable in one or more scripting languages (Python, MAXScript, MEL, C#, etc.)

  • Extensive Knowledge of animation software such as Motionbuilder/Maya.

Apply Here (But don’t bother with reading the job description on it too much as the above is more accurate to our needs currenly Lead Technical Artist [NEW IP] (526) | Ubisoft Careers)

Feel free to ping me with any questions!

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