TD animation resources?

Hi! I’m relatively new to the animation industry, I applied to a junior position for being a TD in the production pipeline, which was my surprise that I’m the only one in the department and I have to solve all the problems in the upcoming days mostly regarding shading and alembic creation, or anything before sending files to the lighting and render team.

Are there any resources that I can use to study or discord or community for this? I really need some guidance or resources I could consult. Or any mentor available if it is a thing.

I mostly worked on a more basic level and with a supervisor, but I’m afraid that I begin to get problems bigger than I can chew.

Any help is welcomed!

Like most things in TD land, Alembic doesn’t have a lot of documentation. I helped convert the pipeline at ReelFX to Alembic back in 2012 and have been maintaining it ever since, so if you have Alembic questions, feel free to shoot me a direct message.