Substance Painter - python - Layers

In substance painter is it possible to add layers and smart materials using python??

I have been poking around in the API and while you can do somethings like trigger bakes, or open projects ,

I cant find anything that could create layers, add existing smart materials or edit masks.

Am I missing something or is it not possible ?

any and all help would be appreciated.

It does not have have that capability, sorry. (EDIT: Omg what a horrid typo.)

There is an older, deprecated, Javascript API that I’m not as familiar with, it could have something if you’re interested in looking through the documentation that is installed with Painter - but I doubt it has that functionality.

Hey hey thanks for the info,

I’m glad its not just that I’m blind or going crazy.

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While I wish it was more. I have gotten some luck here.

substance_painter.resource.update_layer_stack_resource(old_resource_id: ResourceID , new_resource: Resource )→ List[ResourceID]
Replace resources from the layer stacks and mesh maps in the current project.

Given a resource identifier, replace any resource having the same identifier with the new resource. The new resource must be compatible with the ones it replaces (see note); otherwise, an error is thrown.

while this forces artists to have a very strict layer system. it is a great workflow for templating. get some good materials together and a good id map and u can really save some time :smiley:

Not many devs in the substance world so happy to help!