Substance Painter Python API External Export Presets

Does any one know if it’s possible to use external locations for output settings. I currently place them in my custom export preset here \Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Substance 3D Painter\resources\starter_assets\export-presets . Which is not a good place when your sharing the presets with others.

Code below is an example of this.

        export_preset = substance_painter.resource.ResourceID(
            name=output_setting_name )

Note: arg output_setting_name is the string name of the output setting file.
Any help would be great. Thanks

For sharing export presets, I always just had my teams source a custom shelf from a shared server location. This worked for all of our shelf contents, including export presets. As long as they had that shelf added to their application setup, the export preset would be available to them when they went to the export textures window.

Custom shelf setup: Libraries configuration | Substance 3D Painter

I suspect you’re actually trying to do something more complex? Like having some script have access to a custom preset? When this was the case, I just used the Python API to write the custom preset - I didn’t even bother to make an actual custom preset. (export | Substance 3D Painter Python API)

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Hey AlexJammer,

Thanks for your update, it helped to point me in the right direction.

For Python users:
I needed to create an application setup for the users within their library settings. The name I give it is the python context value, as seen being used in substance.painter.ResourceID(). I might be able to automate the application setup in python, which means I wont need the user to manually set it up in their libraries. If anyone has already done this it would be ace to see how?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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