Selective Solo of Maya Node Connection?


I’m exploring/debugging someone elses rig.
Is there a way to selective solo a connection?
Currently when a node and run Input and Output Connection, the whole set-up is overwhelming.

I just want to have one node. Click one parameter. And show only the connection of that parameter. And so on and so forth.

Is this possible?


You can limit how deep it shows the connections from the selected node by adjusting the traversal depth.
From maya help :

"Increase/decrease traversal depth

You can customize how far you can see the connections graphed in the Node Editor. By default, depth traversal is unlimited (set to -1).

Use the arrows or enter an integer into the numeric field of the menu bar to change the depth traversal value. Click the Unlimited button or set the number to -1 to remove the depth traversal limit."


Thanks! Though not an absolute solution (i.e. I was looking for only a parameter solo selection) but this feature should still get me up and running.

Thanks again! Will close the thread now.