Remind people to post jobs here

I’ve already mentioned this to folks on slack but I wanted to leave it here for visibility as well : If you’re getting ready to post a TA (or even TA-adjacent) job you should definitely make sure it gets into our #employment section – there’s great visibility in the community for the poster, and centralizing these specialist ads here is of course also great for our community.

If you’re active on LinkedIn, consider posting a reminded every few months about how useful it is for recruiting TAs to post the ads here. You can even manually crosspost listings yourself – I do this for internships and entry level jobs when I see them because the people who need those ads the most are usually the least likely to have a feed full of the right data sources.

In case you’re wondering we don’t currently make any money for the site or the nonprofit from the ads, it’d be nice if we got to a place where that could defray our hosting expenses but for now it’s primarily about trying to get the most number of TA eyeballs onto the largest number of ads.