Reference loading time

Hello, devs,
I have an asset that consists of hundreds of referenced files (just polygonal meshes, 1.2 Gb total size in *.mb). No reference edits have been made. Opening shot with the referenced asset takes 50 sec, but if I will import references in asset scene, the time will drop almost twice.

Is this normal Maya (2019) behavior or I am missing something?
If so, what are the tricks to avoid long loading time aside from importing all references? Maybe there are new options appears in Maya for loading data these days?

If the assets are static look at using scene assembly, we had some significant loading improvements when swapping out environment assets with that once upon a time.

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Thanks, Bob, will research this topic! Can I do all assembly stuff via Python?

Honestly can’t remember.
For the shot we used it for it was something I just did offline and swapped out all the background geo for 1-2 big scene assembly files. Went from opening in minutes to seconds

Ingo does have a nice tool for. Im not sure if its up to date.

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