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Okay, with that out of the way…
…here’s my question:

I have literally absolutely no experience or skill in anything “Tech-Art”.
With that in mind, what should I do to get that experience? Where should I start? How did you start?

Hello and welcome to If you have any questions about the rules or posting guidance, please feel free to reach out to our moderators.

The community tag is more meant for in person or virtual meetups and events.

As for your question, that is an extremely broad ask without knowing what your interests are or more about what you’re looking for. Tech Art is a very broad field. The good news however is that you’re in the right place to learn more about it. I’d recommend giving the professional category a look as well as the various topics like coding, shaders, tools, vfx etc and see if any of those interest you. We’d be in a better position to offer guidance based on that.

Take care and happy holidays -Mary

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oops. Sorry and thank you @MaryD ! I’ll take a look!

here goes nothin’ . . .
HI @everyone I don’t want to be the only person asking questions on my mislabeled topic! Please join in the fun before this topic closes in two or three weeks.

that didn’t work. . .

this depends on what you want to do in tech-art, there is a broad range of topics a technical artist can be responsible for. most people grow in to the roll as its the one that is needed the most to help out others.
for me i started to do scripting in mel as i did not like rigging and wanted to automate it to pass my courses and allong the way i learned to love rigging and scripting. from there it turned out i could help others with modelling tools and user-friendly rigs, but that is just one of many ways to become a technical artist


As @peerke88 mentioned a lot of people grow into the role.

For me I started as a programmer, then moved to designer then got a job as a environment artist and props artist and after 4 years making art I realized being a technical artist would allow me to get my hands on everything (mainly the stuff i was missing, programming.).

My point here is that I did everything at some point from C++ to traditional concepting while none of them left me fully fulfilled they all contributed to me becoming a technical artist.

So what should you do? Personally I would say try everything. See what you like vs dont like. The pick out all the topics you enjoy. I cant stand rigging and animation but I have learned that there are areas within in like python that I love. My favorite areas are shaders, procedural generation and gameplay implementation. 2 areas I would say im lacking are rigging and animation but that okay because I can learn.

Where should you start? start with something you feel you dont know anything about. When you feel like you know more about that topic then another move toward that topic.

Overall I would say the best technical artists I have worked with all love learning. you ask them if they know something and they will tell you straight out if they dont know and proceed that with “give me a bit to figure it out”. Techart is all about learning and being comfortable not knowing stuff and willing to figure it out.

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