Performance boost in rigs

Do we need to spend effort on increasing the rig’s performance even more ? Because computers are so strong now and (I think) running a rig is not that hard for them. So, is detailed optimization a trivial subject for rigging in general or not ? Another way of asking: Is this subject one of the specifics of a good-built rig or not considered if there is no special necessary ?

rig optimisation will always be a thing. newer pcs and better hardware means that the models will increase in fidelity as well resulting in a lot more calculations on the deformer side.
knowing how to optimise the rig and make sure it animates properly 30~60 fps without waiting times will help out the animators a lot.

its also not just about a single rig, in some cases multiple rigs need to work together and still animate on the same speeds


Most of the animators I’ve been working with prefer a rig with less features but more optimized, it’s that important for them to see their work real time in the viewport.


We have had people come and take our rigging optimization class because the rig was so heavy they couldn’t work and animate. The heavier the rig, the more deformation and the amount of them all on screen at once, if they don’t get built to use the features in Maya to be fast, GPU, parallel well and cache then even if it is a fast computer, the chance animators will playback the animation at less than 30fps is high.

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Thanks, I understand where it takes place now.