Paint context and tool in maya

Hi Guys,

I have created a custom blendshape with certain functionalities. It also, as a normal blendshape, takes as input multiple targets which I would like to paint the weights for.

I watched the tutorial of Chad Vernon about doing it with a paintIndex attribute and callbacks but I would rather having basically the same paint tool as for the blendshape where you can see the different targets.

I have looked into the customtoolPaint.mel but the example seems to be broken in maya, at least for me.

I digged into a lot of artisan context and tools stuff but it seems like I can’t sort it out on my own. I guess that when starting to paint on my blendshape it will have to set the context to MyBlendShapeContext, which will have to be associated with a tool which will look like the blendshape one?

PS: I know I could have also inherited the MPxBlendShape as in the example SimpleBlendshape but I wanted to do this also as a studying process.

Any hint on how to achieve this would be much appreciated!

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I just ran into the same issue, was this resolved?

Also, what tutorial from Chad Vernon are you referring to?