Node based pipeline automation and workflows

Hi everyone,

I am making some research on node based tools and workflows to automate pipeline tasks and processes for vfx and animation.

This is currently the different software and tools that I found :

  • Gaffer (open source, look development, automation)

  • Houdini’s PDG (procedural dependency graph for task automation)

  • Texel’s Kurtis (visual programming processing graphs)

Libraries :

  • qtnodes (Qt library for node graph visualization)

  • nodeeditor (Dataflow programming framework)

  • Rete.js (visual programming framework in JS)

  • Node-RED (flow-based programming tool)

So there is a lot to study! My goal is to explore ways to integrate a node based approach into an existing pipeline in my VFX school.

I wanted to have some feedback on the software I listed above, do anyone use them? In which context? What are the pros and cons over one solution? How do you integrate those tools into an existing architecture?

If you know other tools feel free to talk about them! :wink:

(Sorry I could only post two links, I’m new in the community)


There’s also



Thanks for the info! Do you think it can interact with non Unity assets or export and import files into other software?

I haven’t used it – in fact, I just learned about it the other day. I’ll try to find out…

From the documentation it seems pretty focused on Unity related entities.

Hi again,

Just discovered NXT, an open source node execution tree system written in Python that looks pretty nice.

Has anyone heard of it or used it? Maybe in production?


Oops there’s already a thread here : Studio rigging and pipeline tool, NXT, released as open source