New Feature: post from slack to discourse

As part of the upgrade to our discourse servers I’ve added a new chat integration plugin.

Like our previous version it will allow us to auto-repost from selected channels to the TAO Slack channel. However this one also adds a really cool new command to slack that lets you archive a snippet of a slack discussion directly to the website.

To activate it, just type

 /discourse post <N>

where N is the number of entries you want to send to discourse. This will pop up a dialog allowing you to pick a category and tags and then send the previous N entries from Slack to the website.

The new post is just a regular discourse post after that, so if you want to edit out an extraneous part of the conversation it’s easy.

Since our Slack completely turns over almost every week, this is a great way to make sure that useful info does not get lost.

More info here for the curious.