My first art tools

Hey Guys,

I’m an aspiring tech artist. I am an established character artist but over the last several years have been doing more and more technical work to the point I wasn’t sure my job title even made sense anymore. Initially I was quite frustrated by the studio I was at not having a single dedicated technical artist when I arrived, but I have slowly grown to love the field by solving problems I perhaps otherwise would not have had the opportunity to take on. I am trying to combine my love of Houdini with my love of characters. I am currently looking for work. I am trying to move away from “traditional” character art and into making art tools.

Sadly it seems like a lot of games studios are still not using Houdini, is yours?

Below is my tools blog (which I am trying to update every couple weeks, and my reel).

*If you have a chance could you please give me some feedback or any advice as I try and transition from one discipline into another.

RnD blog

Spring 2015 Reel

Thanks for your time, Ken

My “smartUV” tool has been added to my tools blog.

I plan to allow the user to edit the correspondence between UV island and texture incase I did not get it right, or for some other reason the user may have I haven’t thought of yet.

Awesome, a YES vote :slight_smile: I would love to know the studios that say yes.