MayaUSD with PxrUSD build?

Hi everyone

First time poster. I wasn’t aware of this community until someone suggest I do here.

I’ve been trying to build the MayaUSD with PxrUSD for Maya…and I have been failing miserably!

I’ve tried several tags even the latest but there is always something with boost that breaks the build.

For Context why I am after the PxrUSD build: The repo can build for Maya, Pixar and Animal logic version of the USD. All the plugins can be loaded into Maya. The current Maya USD is readable only by Arnold. I use RenderMan and they only way to get RenderMan to read imported USDs is to have the pxrUSD plugin. The official build release from the repo includes the MayaUSD only.

Can someone with a working build pipeline please provide a build with PxrUSD? :folded_hands:

Thank you